Geraldine Coy, Change Maker


Welcome to Meet the Change Makers, where we introduce you to inspiring leaders making an impact across sectors through the application of innovation, creativity and/or human centred design.

Introducing our next Change Maker, Geraldine Coy. Geraldine and I met back in our HR days, when she was my boss’s, boss’s, boss (oh bless the hierarchy, I don’t miss it one bit)! She is a determined and impressive woman; passionate, opinionated, compassionate and a self described “truth activist”. A proud mum of three grown children, Geraldine cites her greatest achievement in life as, (along with her husband) having raised three extraordinary people. She also feels “incredibly enriched by the talented people that I have worked with throughout my career and of whom I am also so proud”.

To describe Geraldine’s “change making” accomplishments as impressive feels like an understatement. From work in Community Service and Engagement, Cultural Diversity, Social Justice and Human Rights and Sociology to M.C. and Facilitator, Organisation Change Management and Relationship Development within Teams, she brings energy, fortitude and compassion to everything that she does. 

“I believe that curiosity is the foundation of information finding, and an essential step before any judgement or determination of direction can be found. After that, any response should always be approached from a place of compassion. So, for me innovation involves coming at change, first through understanding, and then with empathic responses to issues which need redress.”

Author of Brave Truth, arevealing first-hand recollection of the violence, atrocities, and courage of those who dared to speak the truth, and developer of the innovative Brave Truth Board Game (which builds high performance teams through trust), Geraldine has been working with truth for much of her 30 year career. An experience that clearly illustrates this is her time as a member of a Commission of Enquiry that published a report into findings that sought those responsible for the heinous crimes of Apartheid in South Africa. A role which ultimately led to her and her family fleeing the country in the late 1990’s.

“Throughout my life I have worked in communities suffering great conflict and I have seen such power in utilising truth in the healing process. I believe that truth is foundational to all human relationships and their behavioural consequences. I have learned that to have authentic relationships at work and at home, we need to be relentless in the pursuit of truth. Sometimes this is hard to do, and my mission now, is to help people to find pathways through to truth, in ways that are not hurtful and damaging, but rather, building, positive and enriching.”

The Brave Truth Board Game is centred on values-based questions and asks players to respond to life experiences, values and beliefs, by sharing these with others and engaging in a reciprocal way. 

If you would like to find out more about Geraldine, or think you could benefit from more truth in your work or personal life, you can connect with her via her website or on LinkedIn. I’d also recommend checking out her TedTalk (yes, a TedTalk!) and her interview on ABC radio.