Our difference

Why us?


Well, we like to do things differently. And we believe that the more people that know how to use Human Centred Design the better the world will be!

We’re so passionate about the benefits of working in this way that we want to provide access for as many people as possible. Innovation and creativity shouldn't just be available to organisations in Silicon Valley or the bigger players.

This way of working comes naturally to us and we know that it works. The way we work is very practical and hands on, and we aim leave you with the tools and techniques that will stay with you long after we leave (in fact if you keep using and practicing your skills will only get stronger). We know this way of working, but we don’t know your business like you do. Just imagine what we can achieve by working together!

We are a socially conscious business and an important part of the work we do is to give back. Sometimes our services are not as accessible to those working in NFP or community organisations, so we work with them to come up with a solution that suits their often stretched time, resources and budgets. This means that when you choose to work with us, you’re also contributing to the broader community by supporting us to give back. How cool is that? #goodkarma

We are also passionate about supporting other small businesses, and when there are services we can’t provide ourselves we like to work in partnership with our trusted network to deliver great things for our clients, or if it’s really outside our remit we’ll get you in contact with them directly.

It's not hard to get started! Together we can achieve great things for your people and the people you exist to serve. We believe that Human Centred Design is a mindset, a set of behaviours, a way of working and ultimately a culture - all resulting in better outcomes for your organisation, team and customers.